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JustForU Bar is a unique line of bars that is designed to help people maximize their health, created by a pharmacist for her family members.

Having been trained as a pharmacist, Dr. Erika Gray is very aware of the role and impact food has on health and disease. She believes the use of soy and peanuts can worsen inflammatory conditions and are poor substitutes for protein. Erika’s husband is an avid weight lifter and always  fuels himself post-workout with protein bars. However, he could not find any bars that met Erika’s strict criteria for a healthy bar. As a mother, Dr. Gray became frustrated with the excessive amounts of sugar found in the so-called healthy protein bars and decided to create her own line of bars. Erika’s goal was a truly healthy protein bar that she could confidently use to feed her family while on the go.

You can learn more about Dr. Gray at, a website for women who would like help with endometriosis.

After the success of her first bar, Dr. Gray began working with one of her Nurse colleagues who shared her vision and commitment to changing people’s health. Together, Dr. Gray and Elvina are working on expanding the line of JustforU Bars.

Chocolate Cherry Cin Bar is a special bar that is the first of it’s kind in the bar world. Formulated to be low in sugar, high in protein and high in fiber, the bar provides people with sustained energy and satiety.

You will not find any of the following ingredients in Chocolate Cherry Cin bars or any bars in the JustForU line: health



Added Sugar*




Brown Rice Syrup


Artificial Ingredients

All the ingredients in Chocolate Cherry Cin Bars are real foods that you can find in your pantry.

*(except sugar in the 85% organic chocolate chips)